Self-care is not an expensive luxury item…

It doesn’t look like bubble baths or glasses of prosecco…

It’s something rooted deep inside, and you can access it today.

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Our Speciality is Emotional Support for Thoughtful Souls

We service gentle, nuturing spirits all over North Central West Virginia, Southwestern Pennsylvania, and Western Maryland.

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Planning Your Birth with a Doula

Whether you want a doula attending your birth or not, you can always rely on us to give you the support you need to make informed, authentic decisions. 

Birth-attending doulas are a great resource in addition to your medical care team. A professional birth partner is your best ally in achieving positive birth outcomes.


Communicating Your Emotions with Non-Judgement and Non-Violence

Thoughts and feelings aren’t the same thing, but sometimes it’s hard to notice the difference.

We help you develop new language skills to express what you’re feeling without eroding intimacy.

Align Your Chakras Through Meditation

Feeling out of balance? Try a spiritual practice of focused concentration.

Create a space of ease and flow by slowing down and welcoming in stillness. We teach you how to discover calm amidst busy thoughts.


Calm and Prepare with Gentle Yoga

Prenatal yoga isn’t just for conditioning your physical stamina, it’s also part mediation practice.

Imagine that instead of feeling stressed or worried, you felt mentally grounded and focused during your labor. You’re in control when you find your inner strength.


All You Ever Wanted to Know about Childbirth

Our Lamaze Childbirth Education is a 12-hour, comprehensive series of meticulously prepared activities and learning opportunities for expectant parents and partners.


Self-advocacy and Leadership Courses

Knowing how to advocate for your needs means possessing the awareness about what your needs are.

Assess your strengths so you can speak from a place of truth. Set boundaries, and learn how to ask for help.


Let’s Talk, Friend!

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A 10-minute chat might answer some of your most immediate questions, and we’re happy to get to know you.

Self-Care Sessions & Maternal Support Services

We’re proud to focus on trauma-sensitive, customizable services that adapt to your needs and preferences.

Life has enough pressure as it is, and we don’t believe in adding any extra overwhelm.

Share your goals with us, and we’ll help you decide which offerings would align with your vision and benefit you the most.

We give you options, and you get control over your choices. It’s at the heart of what we practice in creative self-care.


Birth Doula Partnership

We provide continuous, emotional, physical, and informational support to the birthing person before, during, and shortly after childbirth to help her/them achieve the most fulfilling, healthiest, and memorable birth experience possible.

Labor Posture Workshops for a Confident Birth

A practice uniquely designed for preparing for movement during labor, our Labor Postures Workshop can help support new parents become more familiar with their physiology.

With an emphasis on breathing, mental stamina, pelvic floor softening, restorative poses, and core strength, we can help you feel resilient before and during labor. 

If you’re family planning, try our Fertility Yoga classes, or Postpartum Yoga after pregnancy for a gentle, movement-based instruction.


Lamaze Childbirth Education Classes

Lamaze is so much more than breathing techniques. We teach the evidence-based Six Healthy Birth Practices for a safe and healthy birth. Lamaze welcomes and respects families from all backgrounds. Our goal is to make parents feel confident, supported, and powerful to ask questions, make decisions, and navigate the path from pregnancy to parenthood.

Custom Birth Planning & Healing-Centered Trainings

We would love to meet you.

Request an appointment, and visit our downtown location to chat face-to-face.

If you have questions, let us know. We’re happy to send you resources that give you all those warm, fuzzy feelings in your inbox.


What People Are Saying

Our testimonials about our education makes us blush.

We hope these words make you swoon.

Kasey made me realize that I have everything I need within myself. She made me see that being myself is more than ok, it’s actually preferred.”

“She seems to have an uncanny ability to reach inside someone, find what makes them human, and show them that it is beautiful.”

“Especially from her yoga teachings, I have found a place of strength, while learning you to yield. When you make that discovery in yoga, you can start applying it to the rest if your life.”

Constance Ballard

“My favorite part about working with Kasey is that it doesn’t feel like work. She meets her clients on both a professional and personal level, depending on what needs are the most significant.

Kasey is extremely talented at breaking down both mental and physical barriers that cause a hitch in someone’s system…In doing so, Kasey also helped me to create a plan to begin making changes and gave me confidence.”

Rachel Brown-Wilson

“I honestly liked Kasey from the very beginning…Kasey’s positivity is contagious. She has a way of making people feel both at ease and good about themselves.”

“Working with Kasey is an absolute pleasure. You will benefit just from knowing her and you will not regret any service you enlist from Kasey.”

“I would absolutely recommend Kasey… Plus, she is such a positive light wherever she goes, she is a genuine joy to be around.”

Danni Roberts

“Kasey was very calm and helpful…She kept me focused and believing in myself when I thought I had no right to.”

“Kasey is a selfless person who cares DEEPLY about others and wants nothing but to bring the best out in them.

She has so many different talents & passions that allow her to help others in so many ways. If you get the chance to work with her, you are one lucky soul.”

Gabrielle Hamner

Online courses available for distance learners

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